Saturday, January 8, 2011

TheWillofDC: Discusses The CES Youtube Superstar Panel

If you are not familiar with TheWillofDC, he does a Youtube show where he lists the "Winners and Losers" each week on the Top 100 (and was involved at VidCon 2010). In this video he talks about an article he wrote for tubefilter an online video news source. Will provided them with some articles in 2010 and they gave him a pass to the CES Conference happening now in Las Vegas where they unveil new tech stuff. What Will covered for tubefilter was the "Youtube Superstar Panel" which comprised Philip DeFranco, iJustine, Joe Penna (that would be MysteryGuitarMan to you and me) and Freddie Wong. All are highly successful youtubers who I gush about on this blog from time to time. Will goes through his article about the panel in the video below:

I had noticed that several of the youtubers I stalk, follow, had made the trek over to Vegas (although I thought Phil had gone to Vegas with his guys to set his editor Matty up with hot babes: PhillyD Pimps Out Matty) and I was watching iJustine in Vegas and her sister itsmejennae doing the whole Vegas thing (I think Jenna may have a slight gambling problem). But like I said, I didn't know they were going to do a panel or anything. Watch Will's video as what they said in the panel about connecting with your audience on Youtube, scheduling etc is very good advice. If you are uploading content on Youtube and hope to "make it" as a Youtube star, listening closely to what those who have made it is good advice. Too bad there's no video of the panel.

As a side note most of those involved will probably be going to VidCon 2011 in July so you may get a chance to bend the ear of a successful youtuber. I've read that iJustine, Wheezy Waiter, Shane Dawson, Charlie McDonnell (aka Charlieissocoollike) and tons more will be attending and giving speeches.

NOTE: I just found a great article written by Megan O'Neill covering the panel discussion at CES: Secrets Of The YouTube Superstars and at the bottom of the article there's a 37 minute video showing them all talking about Youtube. Great stuff.

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