Wednesday, January 26, 2011

YourFavoriteMartian: Ray William Johnson Finally Posts A Video And...

Ray William Johnson just uploaded the first video to his new channel Yourfavoritemartian called "My Balls". It turns out it is a music channel (with Ray singing) and animation. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the video:

What do you think? I watched it shortly after it was uploaded and then started reading the comments. Most are highly complementary but after getting past the die-hard fans declaring it the best thing they've ever seen (high praise indeed) you notice that there are comments here and there about it being disappointing. Actually, looking at the likes/dislikes, as I write this it is 4,095 thumbs up wth 789 thumbs down. That means about 20 percent disliked the video enough to actually dislike it which is quite substantial. Will have to see what the percentage is after those who are more casual Equals 3 viewers have had a chance to see it to gauge the overall opinion.

As far as the music part of the video, it is a catchy little song and it is available on iTunes at Your Favorite Martian: My Balls if you want to download the song.

The animation is okay too, but there is better on Youtube. It does make for a humorous visual and works with the song. I will say that this video is 100 times better musically and animation-wise than the
Fred music video from last November (see Wow! Fred Figglehorn Drops An Album if you want to watch that video).

As far as Ray William Johnson passing Nigahiga as the most subscribed channel on Youtube, Ray has added a ton of new subscribers on the Yourfavoritemartian channel - he had 173,000 subs last monday and after announcing that the first video would drop he now has about 300K. After Nigahiga posted his Agents Of Secret Stuff he now has 3,157,457 subscribers. Ray's raywilliamjohnson channel where he hosts his Equals 3 show has 2,737,433 subs, so he is still closing the gap. This past week Ray once again had the channel gaining the most subscribers (47,000) while Nigahiga was farther down the list (23,000), so at this rate it will only be a matter of time before Ray overtakes Ryan Higa. Actually, if you add Ray's 2 channels together they are pretty close. I do think that neither really cares too much which one of them has "the most Youtube subscribers" and both wish the other much success.

Still, what is your take on Ray's new video?


  1. Just a quick update: Ray's first video on Yourfavoritemartian has received almost 5 million views and thumbs up/down is 81,101 to 12,034. That's a lot of thumbs down. He usually gets about 1K dislikes on his videos, but about 45K thumbs up.

    What I am wondering about is why is Ray disabling all the comments on his videos. Take a look. EVERY video he has on his main channel (except the latest one) has the comments disabled. Don't know why anyone would bother commenting if all the comments disappear after a week. I think I will do a post about that.

  2. do u know which is raywj's 1st video?? its not "kick his @ss"!!! it shows posted 1yr before but in wikipedia , it says he is since 2007!!??


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