Friday, January 7, 2011

Check Out This Channel Right Now! The Partners Project With Shira Lazar

Here at the spacious offices and corporate headquarters of Bradshaw's Blog (okay, there's no "we", there's just me) we are always on the lookout for interesting new channels and there's a brand new channel that you will be subscribed to shortly. It is called The Partners Project and it has been up and running only since around December 7, 2010 but it looks like it should be a winner. They have been posting some great videos featuring several of the top Youtubers like Shay Carl, iJustine and in the video below, one of my favorites, MysterGuitarMan.

The host is the tres pretty Shira Lazar who has done some work with the The Huffington Post, and now she's got this Youtube gig. She's also a Canadian girl (from Montreal) so I gotta give her props.

In the above video for the Partners Project channel she interviews Joe Penna (MGM) about his Youtube career and what brought him to the level of success he's enjoyed to this point and what the future holds for him on Youtube and elsewhere. Actually I think this was a first-rate introduction to one of the most popular people currently on Youtube and look forward to seeing more interviews with other famous youtubers. So far Shira's interviewed Shay Carl, iJustine and The Annoying Orange. One cool part about the channel is that along with interviews with these top youtubers, the channel has them giving some "Youtube Pro Tips" on how to be successful (along with behind the scenes stuff from the interviews). Really think this might be a nice addition to what we get on Youtube and help viewers get to know their favorite youtubers just a bit better.

You can follow Shira on Twitter @shiralazar (I'm already stalking, I mean, following her) and you might want to check out her website for even more about Shira: If you want to follow the people behind the cameras for Partners Project, they are Damon Berger (@damonberger), listed along with Shira as Creators and Executive Producers and Producer Christian Bretz (@xtianbretz).

They're promising a new interview every Thursday and more Pro Tips every Tuesday, so this may be a channel you might want to keep an eye on. As I mentioned, the Partners Project just launched in early December and they've already been subbed by 8,343 (including me). Jump on board now cuz this channel will have 100K subs before you know it.

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