Friday, January 21, 2011

So What Has BriBryonTour Gotten Himself Up To Lately?

When we last saw Brian O'Reilly (aka BriBryonTour) he was in the midst of completing his own "bucket list" of sorts. You can find the last post I did about his misadventures here: Brian O Reilly's 'Things To Do Before You Die'. From the looks of things, he is still going full barrel and his latest video shows him jumping on a plane to a random destination:

That's a pretty sweet little trip over to Norway. Personally I haven't had a chance to zip over to Oslo or any of the other cities in Norway, but it looks awesome. It's too bad that he couldn't have done some kind of a meetup with youtubers in Norway and got some pictures of some pretty Norwegian girls, but if you are jumping on a plane at the last minute, that sort of makes it difficult to plan any kind of gathering. Beautiful scenery though.

I wonder what's next on his agenda? If you want to find out what he's done so far, subscribe to him at the link above or go to his website and check that out. As shown in the video and according to his friend Jake, "Mr Fancypants" has a website at, so visit it and say hi. Also, he sells his music through that website and it is also available on iTunes. What he's doing is first-rate, so if you can, show some support.

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