Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four Minutes Of Great Moments In Youtube History

See if you can remember having seen these videos. Some are famous (and infamous) that have blown up on Youtube over the last 3-4 years and sadly I think I remember just about every one of them, but there are some inthere that I didn't see. And because I am one Youtube all the time, maybe you haven't seen them all either. Right off the bat there's Boxxy who everyone loves or hates but just about everyone has seen. Did you know she's coming back to Youtube soon? Yes she is, I have a source. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy:

Leeroy Jenkins!

How many of those can you name? Loved the dancing parts. Really surprised I didn't see Fred in there somewhere, or Phil DeFranco, or iJustine or any of a dozen others. Maybe someone can make a video highlighting some of the high points (or low points?) of the Youtube stars? Hey, maybe that can be my pet project - putting together and splicing a video of IJ dancing and PhillyD making some random comments with a dash of the Shaytards and DaveDays and Nigahiga. This video has received over 3 million views, so imagine what that video would generate.

You of course couldn't monitize it if you are a partner because it would using content of others, but creating something like that would probably get you a LOT of views. Food for thought.

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