Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woman Falls Into Fountain While Texting (Video)

Here's a video that is just tearing up the charts on Youtube and elsewhere of a woman walking through a mall while texting and sploosh, faceplants into a fountain emerging embarrassed and soaked.

It turns out that the woman was unhurt which is good of course, but when news that the video tape had made it's way to the internet (and Youtube specifically) the woman is looking to possibly sue the mall for her mishap. Don't know what more they could have done short of erecting idiot guards around the fountain. Or maybe put up signs saying "No Texting While Walking" around the fountain.

Apparently after finding out from a relative that the video was posted online she made a beeline to a lawyer it seems to try to cash in because no one helped her. One dude with mall housekeeping asked her if she was all right and the woman replied she "was just a little wet".

Here's The Young Turks Take

Have to hand it to Ana and Cenk of TheYoungTurks especially the part about how she should have just let it go because no one could tell who it was. I don't see any merit in any sort of lawsuit on her side. She was employed at the mall and knew the fountain was there and allowed herself to become distracted. It's a shame about the mishap, but maybe she or anyone else wandering around totally self-absorbed and texting will learn from this. The only thing she should be upset about (beyond her own clumsiness) is the video hitting the Internet.

I'm going to make a radar app for iPhones and I'll make a mint.

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