Friday, January 14, 2011

Retaphin! Not Just For Those Who Need Retaphin

Okay, how did I miss this one? Being a huge fan of Jon Lajoie (actually I'm pretty average sized), I somehow missed this when it can out a few days ago, but even though it has already received over 350,000 views I know there's people who haven't seen it yet.

So here it is, Retaphin... so much better than Retaphol (that's what their lawyers require them to say).

Just look at these testimonials!

"Thanks to Retaphin, I am now a world-champion Tom Waits-lifter!"

"I took Retaphin and and my hair color changed! Okay, it didn't change, but it helped me with my p3nis hole pain! Okay it didn't help there either."

"I took Retaphin and it helped me with my Don't Move dancing!"

"Actually I had nipple moustaches already, but now they've changed color! They're rainbow colored!"

Note: Don't take Retaphin if you experience any of the side-effects listed in the video. If any additional side-effects occur, please do not contact Jon Lajoie.

And just in case you missed Lajoie's previous epic video that came out back in November 2010, here's WTF Collective 2.

What shame about poor Chorus Guy. You'd think he would have found work by now.

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