Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nanalew Sings "I Won't Say I'm In Love" From Hercules

Okay, so she isn't REALLY singing, it's just lip synching. It is still awesome. Very Disney-esque with the bright costumes and backgrounds. In case you haven't seen her before, her name is Nanalew (aka Shawna) and she is shamelessly under-subscribed with only 134,000 subscribers - making her the 25th most subscribed alltime in Canada. What? You didn't know she was from Canada?

Like I said she should have at least 3x as many subs as she currently has. Shawna is so creative (not just on YouTube but elsewhere on the InterWebs: check her out at Nanalew on Facebook). She also does a great Hermione Granger in several of her Growing Up Granger videos that if you are a Harry Potter fan you have to watch.

Somehow I missed this one even though I've been subbed to Nanalew for some time - I think I missed it because of all the hubbub surrounding the Xmas holidays - but I was watching the video below from Meekakitty and she gives a shout out to Nanalew for giving her the inspiration.

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