Saturday, January 1, 2011

Olga Kay Has Some Turbulence On Her 15-Hour Trip To Moscow

Poor little Olga Kay is having some trouble as she travels back to Russia to see her family. Olga will be there for about 3 days I think she says and will be meeting her brother's son for the first time and seeing her mom (you might have seen her in Olga's videos last year when she visited). Olga is stuck at the airport and then she breaks up the monotony of her long, long flight with a little airplane bathroom vlogging...

Wow! Fifteen hour plane ride. I'm surprised she doesn't look worse. I don't know if I could handle sitting on a plane for 15 hours at one time, but Olga somehow survived. She looks so cold and tired. I bet she sleeps for 3 days when she finally gets there.

And just in case you missed it, here's Olga's 2010 "Year In Review" video showing clips from all her videos that she posted on Youtube over the course of 2010.

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