Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freddie Wong: Just A Little Gunplay

Just in case you don't know who freddiew (aka Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch) he's one of the best special effect dudes making Youtube videos and in the video you will see clips from a bunch of the videos he posted in 2010. Just a little warning, Freddie likes using guns in his videos lol.

According to what I read, there are 933 cuts in that video in total. Ouch. That is some dedication to film editing. In 2010 he uploaded a total of 44 videos and only 16 were gun videos, but those are the money lol. I've never seen anything quite like the stuff Freddie puts on Youtube. His channel now sits at 798,359 subscribers (awesome!) and hopefully we'll see some more of the same incredible effects in 2011. My guess is we won't see anything quite the same as 2010, but it will be bigger and badder maybe with a few explsions thrown in for fun.

I must have missed the one with the hot girl ("360, no scope") so I'll be going back through his videos to try to find out who she is - unless you all know.

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