Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Snap! It's The Shaytards 8th Wedding Anniversary

Not only is this video the 700th video that the Shaytards have uploaded to Youtube, but it is also the 8th Wedding Anniversary of Shay Carl and Katilette (aka Mommytard). I'll bet neither one could have possibly dreamed that this would be what they were going to be doing when they got hitched back in the day. What is the gift usually associated with the 8th year of marriage? Do people actually give gifts based on that stuff? According to what I've Googled (hey, I don't know this girly stuff! I'm a dude! Ask me about football or hockey!) um, yeah, the 8th wedding anniversary is usually celebrated with bronze. Sorta like you get a 3rd place medal for making it this far in your married life. You get past the fabled "seven year itch" and you get a bronze medal. Not that I think Shay or Katilette had to worry about a 7 year itch because they obviously really love each other. But let's go to the footage:

One thing, I didn't know that they had Malachi before they even had Sontard, so their dog is actually getting up there and is about 8-9 years old because they celebrated Sontard's 7th Birthday last month.

But more importantly, Shay and Mommytard get to head out for a romantic night and leave the tardlets in the capable hands of Shay's sister Carlie. It was nice seeing Katilette doing some singing again and I didn't know she had a brother. She looked hot when she was singing too! Can I say she looked hot? She's a married woman with 4 small kids. I don't care, yes, Mommytard looked very pretty. I'm sure Shay would agree that his wife is a total hottie lol. Shay! Post more videos of Mommytard singing! Also it was nice getting a glimpse at Katilette's extended family and of course Sontard had to bust a move when the music started lol.

That part at the end when they were at Twin Falls Idaho, I'd have to say I am on Mommytard's side. I like the height but don't want to get too close to the edge. Not like Carlie who looked like she was going to hop the fence. Beautiful sight all the way down to the river and that water looked very cold.

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