Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YouTube Channel For Sale On Ebay? Um, That Would Be No

I heard about this story a while back where some idiot tried to sell their Youtube account on eBay for a tidy sum of money. The person had scammed his way into having a bunch of subscribers and then advertised that the channel had "lots of involved subscribers" and that you could continue to grow the channel as you saw fit. "Not one fake friend or bot" - yeah, RIGHT.

Take a look at the following video by TheWillofDC that he posted back in March 2010 where he tells you how PeachofMeat and how he scammed his way to 170,000 subscribers using Facebook group tricks.

Here's a followup about the eBay auction by MyVideosYourViews.

There's another good response video by KalebNation over on his blog:

Of course after all this, PeachofMeat's channel is still active on Youtube so I'm guessing the one that was sold was a different one.

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