Monday, February 7, 2011

Phil DeFranco Finds His Own Glitch In The Matrix

I had to share this video of PhilipDeFranco mentioning that he might do a college tour. As he was talking about it I was thinking "just like a Youtube gathering" and he said just like a meet and greet. That's actually pretty cool. PhillyD ~ coming to the quad. If I was at college I would probably go see him. Anyway, check out the video below:

I found it interesting when he was talking about how shy he was as a child to even speaking with other people and he would "go into shut down mode." I can SO relate to that. I still have that problem when meeting new people I usually keep very quiet myself and try to fade into the background. After I get to know them, I can interact like a normal person, but I do understand what Phil's talking about here.

"If your penis is metal... can Magneto make you hard?"

LOL, that was so out of left field. But then he goes back into his fear of talking and how by doing these vlogs he feels that he has been able to overcome that fear to a certain extent. It's his own personal "glitch in the Matrix." He "found a loophole where he can talk to himself."

It sort of makes me wonder if it would work for me too. I've been considering making vlogs on Youtube for a while now, but I've been a little nervous about doing it. I know I can string together some coherent phrases, but would it play in YoutubeLand? Maybe I should try. I opened my Youtube account because I wanted to see Phil's videos so maybe use him as an example to get me actually doing videos... okay, that was somewhat cathartic lol. I'm better now. Let's get back to Phil's video.

Phil's heading off to Rome at the end of the week. I'm wondering if he and his girlfriend LinzLoves are going. She did a series of vlogs about her trip to Rome recently. I just checked and I didn't post anything on here about that like I had planned, but check out her channel at the link above.

Phil DeFranco Decusses The Super Bowl And Kim Kardashian's Sublime Buttocks

After watching that last video on his vlog channel, in my Youtube inbox was the "Philip DeFranco Show". This was the first video since the middle of last week although as Phil mentions, his editor Matty triumphantly filled in for him. One thing I'm glad Matt didn't say at the end of the vlog he did was they we were "Matted in" which would have sounded wrong on many levels. In this one, Phil discusses the Super Bowl and all the hoopla (yes, there was hoopla) with the commercials, the halftime show etc.

We do get a chance to see the spherical wonders that make up the booty of Kim Kardashian as she appeared in some shoe commercial. Yes, Kim's bottom is one of a kind (well, two of a kind if you think about it). Being Canadian, we don't get to see the same commercials as those south of the border so I didn't see the guest appearance of the rump that walks like a Kardashian. In Canada we get ads for bikes on sale at Canadian Tire and news about the latest Bagel Belts at Tim Hortons (Yeeeaaaa).

I did hear about the sale of The Huffington Post to AOL which is an interesting turn. AOL rears it's ugly snout once more. As a blogger, seeing the money being shovelled in the direction of Arianna Huffington I do want to write more. Maybe I can turn this lamea$$ blog into the next HuffPo? Doubtful, but dare to dream.

Some what do you take away from these two videos besides Kim Kardashian's tukus? Phil might be doing a college tour which is interesting. He's also giving away some of those posters - if you want to enter the contest, you will have to go to Youtube, like, favorite and comment on the 2nd video.

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