Friday, February 18, 2011

Sammah Lives! And He Is Going To The Disney Land Gathering March 5th

For those of you wondering where Sammah has disappeared to, he is very much alive and well and he is going to the March 5, 2011 Disneyland Youtube gathering.

I took a quick look and it says that the tickets for the event are sold out according to, which means you should have been paying attention earlier. You can find out about upcoming Youtube gatherings in your area by following @YTGathering on Twitter - also I do update the discussion board over at the Bradshaw's Blog on Facebook page if you want to check there too: Bradshaw's Blog on Facebook.

Sammah also mentions VidCon which is coming up quickly and it will be the big event of the summer. It takes place in L.A. in July and you can find info about it at the official website:

Here's a little more about the gathering at Disney Land:

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