Friday, February 4, 2011

Hank Green Gets Serious Nerd Wood Talking About The Webb Telescope

One of the reasons I am subscribed to Hank and John Green of the vlogbrothers is precisely because of this video by Hank. He mentioned in his last video that he was going to do one about the Webb Telescope which I was not aware of and I for one thank Hank for bringing some interesting scientific news told in a humorous and informative manner into my inbox. If you are unawares of why there is excitement about this program, watch the video:

I follow Hank on Twitter (he's @hankgreen) and he mentioned that NASA had tweeted his video about their telescope, which is pretty cool. Hank gets some serious nerd street cred for that, that's for sure.

This thing gives me serious nerd wood

I agree one hundred percent with Hank's assessment that we need to focus on that which is awesome and not just that which is categorized as "suck". His idea about the two soccer (football to those outside North America) teams guarding their own net and at the end of the game celebrating that no goal was scored on them is pretty good. Like he says "That won't get you on Sports Center".

If you want more information about the Webb Telescope, check Wikipedia here: James Webb Space Telescope.

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