Friday, February 11, 2011

iJustine Goes Heely Shopping With Tobuscus

And what is this about iJustine wanting a baby? Does that make Tobuscus (Toby Turner) her baby's daddy? But beyond the baby they picked up at the store, IJ is looking for some fancy heelys so she can show up Toby in the heely department.

I remember seeing some videos where iJustine was wearing heelys from back in the day (she mentions 2007), but Toby wears them every day and heelys like a semi-professional heely person. By the end of the video IJ was doing pretty good.

The video was shot around the the same time as the one posted on the Tobuscus channel (check out this post: Tobuscus And iJustine Are Dating?! Dispelling The Rumors). I don't know if they are actually dating or not, but there is so much chatter about them maybe getting together in the comments that I'm surprised they didn't include a shot of them heely-ing off into the sunset with the little eggshaped bambino (that baby sorta reminds the little brother of Kyle from South Park, Ike). I did like the tag words IJ used to describe the video (ijustine,is,not,really,having,baby,don't,worry lol).

Just to fan the rumors a little bit more, Toby also appears in iJustine's "Ask IJ" episode below. Awesome into for this one with the dude using sign language to "sing" the Ask IJ theme song:

IJ mentions that she is going to Play-List Live March 26-27 in Orlando. That link will take you to their main page for more info. there are a lot of youtubers going (Meekakitty, Wheezy Waiter, livelavalive, KassemG, Lisa Nova just to name a few) so if you are interested, check out their website.

Hmmm and now Tobuscus has posted a video from his perspective about their heely purchasing excursion. And he used the line I said he should use in the post I linked to above. Toby? Are you now reading Bradshaw's Blog for reference material? If yes, pretend to fall down in the video below:

Don't cross the audience streams! Yes, that was some hot, heely action.

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