Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mr Safety Asks The Youtube Community "Who Are You And Why Are You Still Here?"

One of the old school Youtubers, Cory Williams (aka Mr Safety and the dude behind smpfilms) made a video recently where he asked his viewers "Why are you still on Youtube?"

Here is a list of those who Cory featured in the video with links to their channels:

Merezone, jak300000, kakshi15, iamproudtobeajew, amzibabe93, stigmabuster22, xoxomichellexoxo, ArchieCraze, KingHuman, Riddicrash, KJPmedia, StivnC, Lambo3333333, thestevesaylor, chiefvideomaster, ZTex10, couchpotatotheatre, mes1rs, Riddicrash, akuradavis, maxminusamillion, EricksHinumaru, mimgodfather, D22Responses, Twilightlover46, QLFILMS, JeffersonTRowe, BradLakeShow, Magician1607, just3giraffes, junodog20, wing3r79, dragonFDrk, JamesBrownvlog, deanec64, Kate0Loves0Leo666, TammyTagCreations, skinsthunderbomb, TheSilentGuitar, TheCasperOne, OfcarcikFilms, SteveDezSPEAKS, Amayzing2011, supersixty1, theepilepsyguy, TheToberlicious, obsessedwithhiei, InuzukaLegend, JoeLikesMovies, ashesinoctober, HappyCabbie, OfficialScarlettsPI, zjkr, becerrilfilmltd, donoteatme, xRSMExtrasx, erwolf14 , chazthedrummer91.

The only person I recognized out of those who were in the video was Happy Cabbie (he makes a lot of balloon animals and stuff and has a great channel himself) but even though I haven't seen the others, doesn't mean I won't check out their channels and I suggest you do the same. Get to know these people and some of the others beyond those who you usually are subscribed to and follow. You will be suprised by the odd, wonderful, quirky folks who inhabit this Youtube universe.

Here's Cory's original video where he asks those who are on Youtube to say why they are on Youtube:

Love the jetpack style camera rig he's wearing lol. I sorta half-expect him to lift off out of the frame. Here is the video that Cory was referencing from August 2006 where Renetto asked the question "Who are you, and why are you on Youtube?"

At the time he made this Renetto was one of the biggest youtubers, but he has been passed by a lot of others. He is still posting videos, so take a look if you're interested. I saw a tweet by themightythor (himself another longtime Youtuber) who said he thought that Cory's video (the 1st one on this post) would have probably been featured back in the old days of Youtube, so I thought I should do it myself. Because it's simply a good video and that's why we are here.

And finally, I have been subbed to Cory's SMP Films channel for a long time, but I've only discovered how truly odd and funny he is IRL (so to speak) by seeing him through the perspective of Katersoneseven herself an odd, quirky and funny transplanted Brit who is currently his roommate. Her channel is becoming one of my personal favorites and I recommend you check it out along with the ones listed above.

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