Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking Back At The 2010 Project For Awesome

Back in December 2010 once again the Youtube community came together got the Project 4 Awesome where people uploaded a ga-zillion videos simply to help others in the world and to spread a little bit of awesome. Take a look at this overview of the event that raised over $108,000 in 2010:

Every year around mid-December Youtube takes a time out from the general silliness and gets together to try to raise money for a multitude of charities. If you are interested in helping out, go to the main website:

In December 2011 we will do it all over again, so even though there are months and months to go before the 2011 get-together, sign up, and subscribe to the channel linked at the top for more information. Every little bit of support, be it financially or simply by watching and commenting is always welcome.

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