Friday, February 4, 2011

Dailybooth 101 With Caterific

If you are not familiar with Dailybooth, it is a website that allows you to post pictures online that allows others to comment on. Heck, if even I have a Dailybooth account it must be one of the top websites out there. It does seem to be dominated by the really young people which is fine. It is only a matter of time before the older crowd begins using it too. The video below by caterific is a simple "How To Use" Dailybooth for those unfamiliar with the website.

You can even link your account to Twitter and Facebook so all your friends can see your pictures and a ton of Youtube people are on Dailybooth too. Here are some that I follow on Dailybooth:

Karen Alloy
Wheezy Waiter
Alli Speed
Charles Trippy
Shay Carl
Phil DeFranco

I also follow others who are not on Youtube who just post interesting photos, so I would keep an eye out for those. Also, it is another way to connect with people. If you follow iJustine, she's everywhere online, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Dailybooth and she's always getting tons of new subs and followers. If you are thinking about trying to become a Youtube partner or a presence online overall, you might want to emulate what IJ does and always be seen on all over the Internet. One way is by posting on Dailybooth regularly.

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