Monday, February 7, 2011

DaveDays Shows How To Play Olive You On Acoustic Guitar

Fans of davedays and kimmitalks (aka Kimmi Smiles) have been asking for Dave to show how to play the song they made together last August called Olive You<-- that's a link to buy it on iTunes.

Dave shows how to play the various parts of the song on acoustic guitar (with an odd emphasis on the G string for some unknown reason). You can also find more about what Dave is up to either by going to his main channel (link above) or his website called (surprise, surprise)

The only drawback with the video is that Dave is a lefty and most people play guitar the opposite way. There's a video idea for you. If you can play Olive You right-handed, you should do a video response to Dave's video played with your right hand.

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