Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charles Trippy And Alli, Wheezy Waiter And Phil DeFranco Bust A Move

It looks like it is Game ON for Charles Trippy and Alli (CTFxC) as they are now in an epic dance off with Wheezy Waiter and Philip DeFranco. They have been challenged by the good folks at Ubisoft who brought us Just Dance 2 and here they are bustin' moves left, right and center:

Have to admit, I am glad Charles declined wearing the little green shorty shorts. Alli looks SO much better in them. Gotta give Charles props for his mad dancing skills. I don't think I've ever seen him dance in any of his videos (actually Alli mentions she doesn't think she has ever seen him dance before either).

But now on to Wheezy. He of course enlists the aid of one of his multitude of Wheezy clones. I think Wheezy may have the moves of Bristol Palin.

And here's Philip DeFranco's entry which features the scrumptious Tricia Helfer, formerly of Battlestar Gallactica and now a part of so many other things such as the video below. I was so busy watching Tricia shaking her booty that it took me a while to notice the "special effects" going with Phil's face lol. Gotta say Tricia looked GOOOD. A Very pretty woman.

If you want to vote for Charles/Alli or Wheezy/Wheezy clone, or Phil and Tricia, you have to go to the Just Dance 2 page over on Facebook: facebook.com/justdancegame. I did check out the page quickly and it has a bunch of the songs and dance moves posted on the Facebook page and you can go to their Youtube channel at justdancegame where they've uploaded about 275 videos related to the game.

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