Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tobuscus And iJustine Do A Coffee Run

From being a subscriber of both iJustine and Tobuscus you probably know that they are both heavily caffenated most of the time. If you watch Toby's "Lazy Vlogs" he is always carrying a cup of java and IJ tosses back her share too, so its not really surprising to find them at a local coffee shop (The Coffee Bean of course) before heading back to the crib to get their game on <- and no, I don't mean that as an inside joke.

Toby and iJustine are probably two of the biggest gaming geeks on Youtube outside of the Machinima crowd and according to what IJ says in this video, apparently the plan on playing Little Big Planet 2, although I'm pretty sure she is more at home playing Black Ops.

If you missed the iphone grocery store video iJustine mentioned, that link will take you to it. I have to warn you though that it is actually 14-plus minutes of IJ shopping for groceries. You do need to be an IJ fan to get through it.

Actually these iphone videos are some of the ones I like most that iJustine is making now - kind of a behind the scenes sort of vlog. The one above does remind me of Tobuscus' walking and talking (and heelying) daily vlogs.

If you are unfamiliar with his videos, you can check out one of his latest videos (actually uploaded today, imagine that!). I'm sort of hooked on these too and try as I might, I am still unable to capture Toby's attention with my witty banter in his comment section so I can win a Tobuscus t-shirt. I may actually have to break down and buy one, but I am almost unable and unwilling to part with any of my own ill-gotten gains except for food.

And if you want to see them playing Little Big Planet 2, here's the video of their game play. I haven't played this game myself before and it does look like an interesting game:


  1. I love Justine! I subscribed to her youtube channel, this girl is awesome, I love her videos all of it, She is so funny.

  2. TOBUSCUS thats all I need to say


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