Thursday, February 24, 2011

If I Could Buy Stock In A Youtuber, I'd Buy Shortstack

In my everylasting quest to find the new funny, interesting Youtubers I stumbled across this dude, Danny Craparotta (aka DannyCraps or Shortstack), a vertically challenged Canadian who I think you will find pretty funny. He has been posting videos since 2009, and now has 27,000 subscribers. I think he will have at least 100,000 this time next year if he keeps posting funny stuff like this.

He hit 2,000 a year ago in February 2010 and had 5,000 two months later when he posted this:

I subbed to him after seeing a few videos and then did the creeper thing where I started watching all of his videos from the first one to the latest and I would recommend you check out his older videos as well. Lots of funny with this guy. He's not quite in the top 100 Most subscribed Canadian Youtubers yet, but he will be shortly.

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