Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If You're An iJustine Fan You Should Be Subscribed To Her iPhone Channel

Yes, I'm an iJustine fan. There I said it. I like seeing her dance in Apple stores and I like watching her skits and when she acts like a goofball in general. Like most who follow her on Youtube and all the other Internet sites she is on, I first noticed her because she is definitely easy on the eyes but there are lots of pretty women on Youtube and the Internet. What I like about IJ is that she is willing to allow her innate goofiness shine through and laughs at herself.

The videos below are from her iPhone channel called ijustinesiphone. She mostly posts videos like a daily vlogger which is the style that I personally like best. She mentioned in one of her iphone videos that she is heading over to Madrid, Spain next week, but unsure why she's going to Europe. I think she mentioned that her sister Jenna (her Youtube channel is itsmejennae) is probably going to join her on the trip.

This video is just IJ on the way to her home away from home, the Apple Store and she finds out about a speed dating event happening nearby:

This one is iJustine at home after filming some videos for her main channel and just her kicking back and relaxing.

And one last one from her iPhone channel. Had to add this one because IJ just looks so good in red. (Ooh I just read what I typed and I sound like such a fanboy - Bradshaw loses coolness points). I do remember that song she was singing in this video - it's called "Got You (Where I Want You)" by The Flys (you can get it at Amazon, but not iTunes).

Like I said, if you are an iJustine fan, you probably might want to sub to her iPhone channel as she has been posting a lot of videos on this channel. There's all sorts of rumors about her & Tobuscus dating and she uploaded on recently with them in it, but you will have to go to her channel to watch it. I'm thinking she will also probably post some stuff about her trip to Spain on this channel too, so yet another reason to sub.

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