Friday, February 18, 2011

Keenan Cahill: Youtube's Latest Star

If you are on Youtube for any period of time you know that some videos and content creators pop up from time to time and become viral. One of the latest to get found by the Youtube community and elsewhere online has been Keenan Cahill with his lip-synching of famous songs on his BeenerKeeKee19952 channel. I'm personally not subscribed to him, but @ijustine tweeted a link to Keenan's video below where he discusses his rise to fame as well as mentions his medical challenges:

Yup, that's 50 Cent in the background and that is just one of Keenan's many videos that have multiple million views on Youtube. He now has over 300,000 subscribers. He just posted a new video which features The DearJane Girls which has about 157,000 views in 3 days.

I noticed Keenan's videos about a week or so ago because he was listed on the Youtube stats tracking site as having the Youtube channel with the highest "daily gross" revenue generated by his videos. At that time he "possibly" earned approximately $3,800 a day which if you calculated out over a year would be $1,387,000 - but of course that amount fluctuates and according to the site, today it says Keenan's channel is ranked 36th and earned $721 which is still highly repectable.

I always feel that I have to say that the numbers I quote from are only estimates and the website itself says the amounts of Adsense money they say that each channel generates is only "potential" daily revenue. Each of the owners of the channels really know how much they make. And that's not really what's important - what is important is that Keenan is enjoying himself and garnering a little bit of Internet fame.

Keenan's story should make you want to make Youtube videos too. It shows that it doesn't matter what you look like or what your talent is - if you love doing what you do, you can get discovered and become a hit online.

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