Sunday, February 6, 2011

Natalie Tran Is Wearing Only A Towel? And Where Can I Buy Large Kit Kat Bars?

When she is on the road, Natalie Tran (aka communitychannel) has to stop in the odd hotel room from time to time and one of the things she discusses in this video is the "secret code" between herself and the cleaning staff at the hotel. If she leaves her towel on the hook in the bathroom it means she wants to use it again, but if she leaves the towel in the bathtub, she wants a new one. Natalie wonders in this video what if this code was expanded into other aspects of her life:

If I see Natalie at VidCon this summer, I am going to give her a whole bunch of Kit Kat bars lol. And thumbs up on the thumb nail used in her video. She pokes a lot of fun at herself, but that's not a bad looking woman.

I of course had to tweet Natalie to let her know that she should expect to be plied with Kit Kat bars if she attends VidCon this summer.

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