Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conan O'Brien On CTFxC And TeraBrite

It's Valentine's Day and Charles and Alli have a special guest. Yes, Mr Conan O'Brien actually says CTFxC FTW" (although he did make a slight error). How did Charles & Alli get Conan filmed? Well, TeraBrite (aka Sabrina & DJ), who did the closing music for the CTFxC videos, were on Conan's TV show because of a contest.

And here's the whole video when TeraBrite ambushed Conan:

If you want to see the great video they shot that won them the chance to be on O'Brien's show, take a look: Conan's VD Explosion Contest Entry. You'll probably like it simply for the awesome burp.

How did CTFxC do in that epic "Just Dance 2" dance off?

Well, I'm glad you asked. You will find out at the start of the video. If you have no idea what this "dance off" contest was, it was between Charles and Alli, Wheezy Waiter and Philip DeFranco. See this Bradshaw's Blog post to see all of them busting moves respectively.

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