Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Do You Watch The Shaytards?

There are some people who wonder why anyone would bother watching a daily vlog about a family living in Idaho just going about the lives and uploading extra-long videos on Youtube. Well, I am one of those who watch the Shaytards EVERY day because of the guy in the following clip:

I don't know Shay Carl personally, and haven't had the chance to meet him yet, but I consider him a friend simply because of these glimpses he allows into his life. Shay is so devoted to his family and it shows in that video (as for once he is left almost speechless) as he's "thinking about his little daughter asleep in her bed".

In case you are not a regular viewer of the Shaytards, you may not know what he was talking about. The picture on the cover of James Blunt's album is a one Shay's wife Katilette took of Shay tossing his youngest daughter (called Babytard in the videos) in the air and he proudly was watching Blunt's Tonight Show appearance.

This video was not uploaded on the family's Shaytard channel where most of their videos are seen, but on their iPhone channel called iphoneTARD. You need to subscribe to that channel to see bonus videos like this.

That's why I am subscribed to the Shaytards.

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