Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Timjdeegan And Zarmckim: A Little Skating And Epic Car Fail

I've been subbed to timjdeegan and his girlfriend zarmckim (aka Sara) since I saw their video about going to the Toronto Youtube gathering to see Shay Carl and Wheezy Waiter back in November (see Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter Behind The Scenes).

That's how I find a lot of interesting youtubers - they make videos in response to a top youtuber or about an interesting topic. If you make interesting stuff, people will find you eventually. Also, Zar has incredible dimples when she smiles, which I am a sucker for. I've been watching their videos and they do make a cute couple (sometimes they seem like an old married couple when they bicker, but that's funny too).

Anyway, back to the video:

It looks like a little bit of car trouble. It doesn't seem too serious, but anything that takes you off the road (especially in the midst of a Canadian winter) is somewhat serious. So Tim and Zar engage in a little skating. Zar is actually pretty good once she found her balance. Tim proves that not all Canadian guys were born with skates on lol. But there are lots of people who can't even stand on ice while wearing skates, so he did okay.

So, was the car okay? They posted the 2nd part over on Zar's channel:

"If one more car honks at me I'm gonna get out of this car and open a can of whoopass" lol Zar breaks me up with her tough talk. Still don't know if they will pay a fortune to get Tim's car fixed, but at least they have that other one to get around.

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