Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tim And Zar Put Snow Tires On His Car

I guess this video could have been called "Hot Girl Does Auto Work" because I didn't know that Zar knew so much about cars and how to fix them. Tim (timjdeegan) is about to head out for a road trip to Oshawa Ontario and he needs to switch out the old standard tires on his car and put some good snow tires on. That's when he tells us about Zar (zarmckim) and her car know-how.

It is funny to watch these to quibble back and forth like an old married couple as Zar show's Tim how to go about changing tires, and Tim gets an smashed finger from the car being improperly mounted. Perhaps that's a good Xmas gift? A new jack for Tim's car.

Also, I have to say that their dog Dawson is just about the cutest ever. They could put up a video of him doing that little dance on his hind legs he was doing at 5:29 and it would probably go sorta viral.

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  1. Every tire company sells its own versions of winter/snow tires, and some offer a variety of tire designs to suit different needs and price ranges.


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