Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vlogbrothers Prove Obama Is Not A Muslim

Thank you John Green. And I agree, can we move on people? If you've watched the video you have seen as John Green of the vlogbrothers hopefully puts to rest the arguement being put forward by many ardent rightwing types that somehow Barack Obama is a muslim. It goes hand in hand with that other red herring floated by Obama's opponents that he wasn't born in the U.S. It's all a bunch of political claptrap designed to distract voters from the real issues and paint the president in a negative light.

As shown, Obama does not follow even the basic tenents of the muslim faith but somehow by continuously bringing up this stupid arguement again and again, the media has convinced 20 per cent of Americans that Obama is a follower of Mohammed. I'm not saying that a portion of the American public are dullards who are easily swayed when politicians prey on their emotional responses to the crap they are being spoon fed. Obviously there are intelligent people and political savvy is abundant in sections of the population, but not everyone has done even a cursery examination of the political system or done much consideration of what they are being told.

But as always, John shows that at least a small fraction of the world is thinking about this stuff and I appreciate his filling us in on his perspective with humor. And that his suit isn't all business.

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