Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shaytards: Sontard's Cool Dance Moves

Poor old Shay Carl is still feeling under the weather while Katilette takes the tardlets to the park to watch her father play guitar and sing in a gondola. I must admit I loved watching Sontard boogieing to the songs lol. I especially thought he was looking cool at about 8:55 into the video when he gave the camera a hooded sideways look and did an Elvis-type dance with his leg. I'm pretty sure Shay must have taught him that.

This is one of those Shaytards videos that you love where you don't know what will happen. Sontard dancin' like a maniac and the girls playing in the fountain - just normal kid stuff, but still fun to watch.

And little Rocktard was looking quite alert when Shay was talking to him. Did he give Shay a smile? It sounded like he was actually trying to talk some too.

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