Sunday, August 22, 2010

CTFxC: Alli Prepares For Back To School & Zoe Is Mischievous (Yet Again)

Poor Alli. Last day before heading back to school for her final year at college and Charles is giving her a hard time about sleeping. I say let her sleep all day sunday because starting monday morning she's going back to class. And did you hear what she's taking? What was it - Japanese Society & Great Architectual Discoveries? I'm thinking I liked Charles' last year in high school - 5 periods of gym and "yearbook" lol. Wadda slacker! But he is done with high school and college unlike Ms Sleepyhead as he was calling her.

And I liked seeing the footage of the two dogs while Charles & Alli were out. Poor Zoe looking mournfully out the window thinking "Is that them? Is that their car? Why didn't they take me this time?" And Marley (troublemaker numero uno) getting into stuff again. I liked seeing the video evidence of her digging out that toy. I would have been blaming Zoe as she had the toy when they got home.

And all that cool swag they received from various CTFxC viewers is always interesting to see. The dogs always get some kinda toys to tear to shreds and what about those Wasabi Gumballs lol. That link will take you to Amazon where you can buy them if you dare. They remind me of the Harry Potter candy they tried at the Orlando Gathering which you can see in this post: CTFxC Orlando Gathering & Harry Potter Land.

And which of the 3 movies are the best?
Ocean's 11
Ocean's 12
Ocean's 13? (Note those are links to the movies on Amazon, if you want to say which is the best of the three, just say it in the comments section below.)

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