Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phil DeFranco Spotlights JoeNationtv, Wheezywaiter & lacigreen

Philip DeFranco has decided to throw the spotlight on three youtubers who haven't garnered quite the support they should in a new Saturday segment of his show. Glad to see it. I like it when larger youtubers (not weight joke Phil) give their support to some of the up and coming youtubers (not a sex joke lacigreen).

I am already subbed to joenationtv and wheezywaiter but I haven't heard of lacigreen so I'll check her out too.

Shane Dawson has included Joe in some of his videos and so I checked out his channel at that time and had to watch all his videos. Somehow this one got missed or I would have featured it here.

If you are a fan of Craig aka Wheezywaiter, then no introduction is needed, but if not, you need to sub to him. Wheezy is one of my personal favorite youtubers and I subbed to him way back when he had only 3,000 subs. Today he's got 163,000 and cranks out good stuff almost all week. Once you get a taste for Wheezy's humor, you just keep coming back for more. I've watched just about everything he's put out even on his 2nd channel wheezynews.

And of course, DeFranco has to include a hot chick in any list and I just checked out lacigreen's channel. LOT'S of sex talk! It seems she's a sex ed teacher - never had a teacher look like that. Our Sex Ed teacher was the gym teacher. Yeah, Mr King of the stinky running shoes. Looking at the lacigreen channel, she has a respectable 63K subs and quite a number of videos. Check her out.

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