Monday, August 23, 2010

Mediocrefilms Strikes Back Re: Making In Excess Of $100,000 On YouTube

Another youtuber forced to respond to that article that came out a few days ago. Looks like Greg, aka mediocrefilms, is a little hot under the collar about it as well as PhillyD. To see the post where I mention the article see Article Out Says 10 YouTube Stars Making $100,000 A Year and to Phil DeFranco's response video is included in that Bradshaw's Blog post.

I agree 100 percent with Greg & Phil on this topic. It's really none of our business what they earn by posting videos on YouTube and elsewhere, just as it's not your business what your neighbor makes as an accountant or as a factory worker. The only reason this is even up for discussion is that it seems that some people on YouTube are making a boatload of money and they are somewhat in the public eye (ie: they have YouTube fame).

There is always a prurient interest in knowing what some people are pulling down and I'm guilty of that too. It does make me think "hmmm, if That guy makes so much money doing this, maybe I should be doing it too". We don't need to know what youtubers - top ones like Shane Dawson or Phil DeFranco and those further down the ranks - are making each year and hopefully your enjoyment of their videos isn't defined by what's in their wallets. That only breeds resentment. Yes, some people are making a living doing the YouTube thing, but many, many others are not.

Rather than dwelling on what some very successful people are earning, perhaps what you should be doing is redoubling your own efforts to produce good quality content on YouTube or whereever it is that you are, and push the successful ones to either keep on making good stuff or force them to fall by the wayside. The top people in any field are usually there for a good reason - they produce good results. If you aren't there yet yourself, maybe something like this will push you a little harder to get there.

But back to Greg's rant - yes, he is entirely correct. Obviously I am not privy to what people other than myself earn from YouTube (no, I'm not a partner yet, but maybe someday...) and from the articles I've read and comments on Phil's video and watching this one etc., it seems the writer was a little lax in his research. Some are making money from their channels, but if you are planning on stating categorically what some of these people are making, one of the first rules of journalism is to confirm your facts and then re-confirm. From what Greg & Phil say in their videos, it doesn't appear that the writer even asked if the figures he had were even in the ballpark.

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