Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shaytards: Shay Lifts His Family & Spills About Being Called A Sellout

I'm a big fan of the Shaytards and look forward to watching the next video each day and I also usually leave a comment and thumbs up because I think they have one of the best YouTube channels on the website. I don't like the trolling that goes on from time to time from commentators who think that Shay and his family are somehow "sellouts" because they do some promotion work, like the Kia Soul thing. Here's the video:

Basically, what he and smosh and Lisa Nova are doing is trying to help promote other lesser-known youtubers with the help of Kia. No big deal. It's a good idea and I've checked out some of the people promoted in the video and subbed to a couple. Some viewers have a bit of trouble dealing with bigger youtubers like Shay getting paid to do this kind of thing and they are entitled to their opinion, but then they go and slam Shay in the comments section yelling that he is somehow a sellout etc.

Not true. The reason he and others do this YouTube thing is that they can generate an income to support themselves and their families - it is basically their own business that they are running and this also provides some promotion for Shay, Lisa, Ian & Anthony and their channels as well. Listen to Shay in the last part of the video. He is a man dedicated to improving the lot in life of his entire family and he is doing it day by day.

The people nitpicking are most likely somewhat jealous of the success of others both on YouTube and in life in general and have grown bitter about their own lack of success. All I can say is get off you butts and either make some videos that are good or get to work in the real world either flipping burgers or whatever. Do the work. You would have success thrust upon you, you have to go GET your own success through exceptionally hard work and determination. Do you think Shay just gave up when he was upset about making $8 an hour with a growing family? No, he worked hard at whatever job he was doing at the time and he is still proving that with today's vlog. That's where his success comes from and why he's in the position he's in now. You can be in a similar position yourself, but you have to DO THE WORK!

And with that rant now complete, I'll comment about the video. I liked it when Shay picked up his whole family (minus Rocktard & Malachi of course lol) and Sontard proved he is the dude by going in the pizza place and coming out with the family's dinner. I remember my mom always getting me to go up to the cashier after our family had enjoyed a meal at a restaurant and paying for the meal and I always felt so grown up doing it.

And what is with Babytard? It seems all of a sudden she's jabbering away like there's no tomorrow! Just a few months ago she started talking a little and now she's going like a blue streak lol.


  1. Shay's doing the Kia Soul work to gain more income and exposure. Thats it.
    And there is nothing wrong about that. I dont think Shay is a sellout at all. I say make most of all the opportunities that come your way Shay.

  2. Shay is cool and funny, but the product placement (special eyeshades, video games, candles, etc. etc.) can be a bit dishonest. He presents it as stuff he honestly likes, but it isn't. The worst was when he made Sontard take some kind of "bee" medicine for the camera.

    The misleading provocative thumbnails are a bit nauseating too. "Baby shot in head" or "Hot Chicks" type stuff is a bit much, and quite obviously a ploy to get unsuspecting people to click. Kind of dishonest. The videos are never really about what the thumbnails show.

    In some of the early videos he is really rough with the kids too. Almost frightening. One time he encouraged Princesstard to jump from "bed to bed" and she really hurt herself - could have been permanently scarred. He should have known it wasn't safe and as a parent not pushed her to do that.

    Anyway, I still watch but the criticism of his channel is not without merit.


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