Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CTFxC: The Running Of The Hot Sorority Chicks!

It's about time that Charles Trippy got a taste of his own medicine with that damn vuvuzela! Alli Speed, his fiancee, wakes up a grumbly Charles for a change by blasting him with one of those horns for the World Cup.

And it's Rush Week at the college Alli attends and there are a ga-zillion screaming girls all over the place. Then they all head off and go streaming by Alli & Charles yelling and whooping it up. I felt a little nervous for them myself that they may get trampled in the crowd. It's "Mid Day" where all the girls find out which sorority they've been accepted to so there's quite a bit of craziness on the campass. If you want to know more about what it's like to be a member of a sorority (I picture lots of pillows being tossed and then strip down for tickle fights, but that's probably just me), there are lots of books available about them.

It think the pretty girl is one of Alli's classmates from when she was studying in Spain last year. There's lots of videos about that time (including the one where Charles proposed to Alli) that if you are a true CTFxC fan, you will probably have watched. If you haven't seen that CTFxC video, here's a link for you: Surprise Marriage Proposal In Spain!. Actually, I just noticed one clip that someone made of Charles & Alli that's pretty cool. Here's a viewer-made YouTube clip with some great scenes set to music that's pretty good.

The clip was done by WhiteCheddarISbetter, so if you liked the clip, you might want to subscribe to that channel and say that you liked the video.

But back to today's video, after giving us an eyeful of "Sorority Girls Get Wet" (yes I could watch that again), they take Zoe & Marley out for a walk. I know they were only joking about alligators, but as they live in Florida, you never know. I do like the nickname "Gator Bait" for Marley though lol. And then of course, the old favorite car game "Punch Buggy". Did you know that someone actually wrote a book about the game Punch Buggy? That's where that last link will take you. And the music at the end that they were listening to was "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. Did you know that Stevie Wonder lost his sense of smell in a car accident? He was in a coma for several days following a wreck and when he woke up he had lost his smell perception to go along with his lack of sight. Just something to make you go hmmm.

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