Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elmify Hits 10,000 Subscribers And Finally Joins Twitter

I just watched the latest video from elmify and she said she had just noticed she had hit 10,000 subscribers which is pretty awesome. It was just last month that I posted Elmify: One Of My Latest Favorite YouTubers and she had about 4,500 subs and now a month later she's got 10K. Good job. If you haven't seen her before, obviously watch the above video, but sub to her channel as well (at the link above).

Last month she talked about trying to get the "elmify" name on Twitter and finding it taken. At the time I told her to just use therealelmify or something else like that and she told me "she was on it." I guess she talked the person using the name to give it up anf now she's on Twitter as elmify, so follow her there too. Right now she has about 400 people following her Twitter account (including myself - follow me at Hey_Bradshaw).

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