Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hank Green Makes A Make-Up Tutorial For The Vlogbrothers

Okay, I am sort of dreading this video from the vlogbrothers as Hank Green, as a stated punishment is required to do a YouTube makeup tutorial. Yup, full on makup for Hank.

First there's the prep work - shaving and preparing his canvas for the application of the make-up. Lol, at "So I'm going to start with my foundation..." I don't know how he kept a straight face. "What I'm going for is a district 12, smoky but sultry look." I'm going to include links to makeup on Amazon in case you want to capture the "Hank Green Signature Look". He starts with silver shimmer eye shadow I think the stuff he mentions next is Maybelline New York eye shadow, but I'm not 100 percent sure lol.

All I can say is Wow, Hank is one fugly looking woman lol. But he did go through with this and you sorta gotta respect that. But of course, if you are more interested in the books he mentioned in this video than the, ahem, makeup tips, he talked about the following books:

Hunger Games and MockingJay both by the author Suzanne Collins and Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi which can all be found at Amazon.

Actually I found a trailer on YouTube for Mockingjay which it says comes out soon, so take peek.

And for those Nerdfighters out there, be sure to be on hand to shower John Green tomorrow with lots of Birthday wishes as Hank says August 24th is John DOB.

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