Sunday, August 22, 2010

NYC DailyBooth Meetup With ijustine

This is my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine at the New York City DailyBooth meetup where all these people are just standing in awe of IJ lol. I'll have to have a word with that ginger kid who was mackin' on my woman asking her to marry him. I think he said him YouTube is "Colinjoevideoz with a zee", but I couldn't find his channel.

It was cool to see Brittany and Joey from winterspringpro. They were in ijustine's previous video that you can find in my post ijustine Dances At The NYC Apple Store. Loved the screenshot of ijustine in that one - classic geekgirl lol.

Quite the crowd of people at that gathering. Lots of the younger folk. If you want to sub to ijustine on DailyBooth if you haven't already, her page is ijustine on DailyBooth. If you don't have an account on DailyBooth, now is the time to join up and start posting some pictures.

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