Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shaytards: Rocktard's Getting Blessed & The Secret Life

Little Rocktard seems a little nervous as the Shaytards prepare for a church function. I think it's some kind of naming ceremony where the whole Shaytards clan gathers at their church and then comes back to Chez Carl (wasn't that clever? I used Chez which means "the home of" and rhymes with Shay - ok, well I thought it was clever lol), for some vittles.

Have you seen the video that Shay mentions? It's called The Secret Life and I saw it yesterday because Charles Trippy also was watching it. I included it in my post about a few days ago about the CTFxC video called CTFxC: Home Again Finally, Free Trippy Music & The Secret Life so you can see the full cartoon, or go to CyberToons' channel so you can sub to him and post any messages about the clip. I personally really liked it and the song does kinda stick with you. And it was interesting to see the various youtubers popping up in the video.

But back to the Shaytards. I couldn't help but laugh at Cooper and Babytard acting all goofy and Shay egging them on. And did you notice Shay's hat kept changing every time he turned the camera back on himself? I noticed the black one and thought "There's something wrong here." Then I clued in. His hat is backwards, then forwards, then backwards then it's a completely different hat!

Hey, I just noticed that the song by nicepeter called Shaycarl and the Shaytards is available for download! If you don't know the song, it was written by nicepeter and can be found on his channel but if you are a true Shaytards fan you already know that song inside and out.

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