Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor And Shout Out Sunday

I do get a kick out of Brittani Louise Taylor's Shout Out Sunday segment she has each week. Basically it's a chance for Brittani to respond to viewer questions posed to her by viewers via the comments section of her videos, on Twitter, and FaceBook etc. She does try to keep in touch with her fans and answers some questions.

She even stops by blogs like this one from time to time and left a comment on the post I did about her last video called Justin Bieber And Brittani Louise Taylor Are Engaged? (take a look! She left a comment. Do I sound giddy enough? lol).

Besides her main channel (the link is in the 1st line of this post), you can leave her messages on Twitter at brittanitaylor and her Facebook is Brittani On Facebook and her website She does seem to be a real sweetheart, so go to each of those pages if you are a true Brittani Louise Taylor fan.

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