Sunday, August 22, 2010

Natalie From communitychannel And Her Weird Diaries

I love Natalie from communitychannel. She always makes me laugh unexpectedly during her videos and this one is no exception.

First, I'm a dude so I never ever kept a diary (guys kept journals if we kept anything, which we don't), but I do keep a blog. And instead of writing for myself alone, I yell to the Internet about what I like and who I think is hot etc. Yes, I think Natalie is hot. Love the accent, although she is a bit of an oddball, I like her character and sense of humor and she makes me chuckle out loud. Okay, maybe it'll never happen for us, but I have to put a heart image here. I'm such a dork lol.

Here's her previous video where she describes her selfishness and plane safety. "I love having my head between knees" lol.

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