Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CTFxC: Alli Rockin' The Betty Page Look

Here it is, Charles Trippy & Alli Speed's last day in Las Vegas after celebrating Alli's 21st birthday (video below) and she is going to a Betty Page dress from (it looks like) the Bettie Page Boutique at 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, NV. Their website is bettiepageclothing.com. Must admit Alli looked pretty good in the girlie-girl dresses and Charles' sister Melissa Trippy also look nice in the brief shot of her in the 50s retro style. For some reason, maybe someone will clue me in, they were hanging with actor Wolfgang J. Weber, who I'm guessing is a friend of theirs. Ottawa-born Weber actually has several movies under his belt and according to his IMDB page: Wolfgang J. Weber, he'll be playing Jesus Christ in an upcoming movie.

After spending a few days over in Vegas, celebrating Alli's birthday, she finally can gamble in Vegas all legal-like she said, but forgot her ID at one point. She did end up winning some money at the casino and used that fundage to pick up the Betty Page dress. They walked out into the mall area and the ceiling is covered with a picture of a cloudy sky and they had some faux thunder and lightning which was cool. I seem to remember seeing a Shaytards video in that same mall from earlier this year.

Charles also mentioned the movie Oceans Eleven and Wolfgang confirmed the place in front of the fountain where they filmed the ending where after the heist George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the boys went their separate ways.

Charles and Weber talk about keychains and never finding one that says their names (again I just saw a Shaytards video where Shay also mentioned the same thing. I did find a Wolfgang keychain a Zazzle.com and there's probably some with Charles and Shay's names too if you look.

Alli Speed's Birthday In Las Vegas With The Usual Band Of Youtube Misfits

Here's the video from a couple of days before, where Charles and Alli celebrated her birthday at the House Of Blues Casino in Las Vegas and all the usual suspects put in an appearance: Shay Carl & Katilette, PhillyD & LinzLoves, DaveDays, LasVegasBarbie etc. Actually they celebrated DaveDays', Sammah's and Linz' birthdays as well.

Here's the party from Shay's perspective. Had to show this clip as well because Charles and Shay mixed up their cameras (they have the same make and model - I think it's a Olympus Stylus 550 but I could be wrong). I saw Shay video first when they both got posted.


  1. The camera Charles and Shay use is a Canon Powershot SD780 IS. I know because Charles has mentioned it in the vlogs before, and I have the same one :-)

  2. Thanks Nicole! That was driving me nuts. I'm always wondering what camera each youtuber is using and I couldn't tell in their videos.


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