Saturday, August 21, 2010

CTFxC: Home Again Finally, Free Trippy Music & The Secret Life

We get to see the aftermath of Alli's pinata bashing as Zoe and Marley make short work of the tissue paper that is now covering the floor. Some great shots of Zoe wearing the pinata like a hat. They're all heading home and after seeing Tyson and Kobe on last time, they're off on a 6 hour car ride. I don't know how they do those long, long car rides so often. I'd be going bonkers.

One thing Charles mentioned that he was listening to music from his old band called "We The Kings" and offered a free music download of the band's album called "Suspense Thriller" and wants you to tell him what the lead singer says in the lyrics at about 46 seconds of the song "Switzerland". this is kinda cool - giving free music for fellow youtubers to use with just a link back to CTFxC.

Here's the cartoon that they were watching at the end called The Secret Life, which is really cool. You'll notice a whole bunch of famous youtubers all through the clip. Make sure that you sub to the channel that made the video all well. They are CyberToons and they have some interesting stuff they created for their channel. They also do the end animation for CTFxC and I've seen other channels with some of their stuff.

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