Friday, August 20, 2010

Ray William Johnson: Pervy Kitty Is Pervy

Ray William Johnson's latest showing a traffic accident where some dude on a scooter decides to zip into the right hand lane without looking to see if the way was clear with predictable results. The video has already been taken down from YouTube, so this will likely be the only place you'll see it (unless has it). Cannot believe the guy didn't even look and "BLAMMO!" rear-ended and caught on video.

Gotta admit I was a little bit mesmerized by that girl's gyrating just like the Perv Cat - although I wasn't trying to paw at her butt on my computer screen, honest. Below you will find the full video of the cat trying to find out what in the world could be making her pants move like that. Actually check out the next video called "Superman Water Delivery Service" by this same channel called VideosFromTurkey. It's just about as funny as the Pervy Kitten.

Check this out lol. Superman Water Delivery Service

And of course the Weather Man Flipping Off The Anchorman.

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