Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Vlogbrothers Arm Wrestle And Hank's Question Tuesday

Hank Green & John Green
of the vlogbrothers
debut Hank's Question Tuesday

Yes, I'm a big-time geek who loves to watch both Hank Green and John Green's vlogbrothers channel. Individually they are great but when they get together those Green boys are hilarious.

If you are unfamiliar with John & Hank Green's Youtube channel each brother uploads a new video in response to the other's. All contain intelligence, goofiness and intelligence. Yes I said intelligence twice because Green & Green (Green squared?) is exponentially better than most of the dreck that gets posted online.

In this video, John drops in on Hank as he is filming his latest video and they answer some of the pressing questions posed by Nerdfighters, such as "Who would win between the two brothers in an arm wrestling match?" John previously stated that likely both would lose and that is pretty much what happens. Anyway, watch them as they debut a new segment called "Hank's Question Tuesday".

So those were the first questions answered by Hank and John (loved the arm wrestling "Battle of the Nerdfighter Titans"). As an added bonus they had an alternate ending for this video which continued and provides an explanation of Hank's comment at the end "Stop looking at me! STOP LOOKING AT ME!"

Also the whole part about Kermit the Frog versus Padre Pio was great and shows the differences between the two. Here's the alternate ending video.

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