Sunday, August 21, 2011

Storytime Sunday With Crabstickz

One of the many UK Youtubers I always look forward to seeing pop up in my subscriptions is Chris Kendall (aka crabstickz) who has a dry, slighty awry sense of humour. One of the things he does is do drawings (I loved his drawing challenges where people would try to stump him but he always seemed to come through with an odd but interesting drawing of their topic). But anyway, on to this latest video. Lately he has been doing "Storytime Sundays" where he tells a story based on some of his own artwork. Sounds simple enough but they are actually pretty entertaining stories.

If you are wondering about the hat Chris is wearing, there's a long sordid story about that. It seems he has moved to London and was looking to get a haircut in his new hometown and... well, it's probably best if you watch this video where he enlightens us on his misadventure in barbering.

Love his reaction when he finally takes off the hat lol. Needless to say he will likely be wearing that hat clear through until November.

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