Saturday, August 27, 2011

MysteryGuitarMan And Sarah Evershed Tie The Knot

Looks like MysteryGuitarMan is finally making an honest woman out of his fiancee Sarah Evershed and about to marry her. Actually, by the time you read this they will be married. If you missed MGM's latest video (see below) he explains that he won't be uploading a new video next tuesday as usual because he and Sarah (Mr and Mrs Penna) will be making sweet music together on their honeymoon. The video was uploaded the day before they tied the knot and you can see that they are mad for each other and everyone should wish them the best.

The second video shows him actually proposing to Sarah, done in solid MysterGuitarMan fashion and the third one was shot by Olga Kay and shows a lot of the reception and features a bunch of wellknown youtubers.

MysteryGuitarMan (Joe Penna)
proposed to Sarah in Sept 2010
Love the ending to that video. MGM: "Who's the cutest little girl in the world?" Sarah: "ME!!" It doesn't matter what he uploads, but I make it a point to watch every one of MysteryGuitarman's videos because they are all entertaining and imaginative and this one is no exception and it was nice to see him incorporate Sarah into this one with the two pictures becoming one with her rejecting his overtures of love and then her giving him a guitar which resulted in her becoming smitten.

The video below shows the elaborate setup he used when he actually proposed to Sarah back in September 2010. Yes, that is Ultimate Fighting champion Chuck Liddell playing the lawyer. At first I didn't know what the heck I was watching but then you see MGM yelling "CUT!" and it starts making sense. Make sure that you watch it all the way to the end.

Olga Kay's Take on The Penna-Evershed Wedding Reception

I really liked Olga's video showing the start of the wedding. And yes that is Charles Trippy and Alli Speed from CTFxC getting into the car at the start and one of Olga's roommates Jess (on Youtube as exoticjess). You can almost play "Name The Youtuber" at the reception as there seems to be dozens of them running around.

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