Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freddie Wong Hits 2 Million Youtube Subscribers - Announces Awesome Giveaway!

Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch
pass the 2 million subscriber mark on Youtube

It looks like Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch's freddiew channel just passed the two million subscriber mark on Youtube (actually, as of this posting they're on their way to 3 million as they have 2,010,531 subs).

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Freddie and Brandon, they make cool special effects videos on Youtube that have garnered almost 350 million views in total and each week they upload another which usually gets viewed several million times. One of their most recent videos was a take-off on Universal Pictures' Cowboys & Aliens which featured actor/director Jon Favreau (who directed the movie). Here's a link to Freddie's Cowboys & FreddieW which was posted 3 weeks ago and has already received about 4.5 million views.

So What About This Awesome Giveaway?

Glad you asked. Watch the following video just posted by Brandon and Freddie where they acknowledge surpassing the two million subscribers mark on Youtube. That is actually quite an accomplishment and their channel is now the 10th most subscribed of alltime on Youtube. In the video, Freddie and Brandon fill us in on a contest in which they are giving away a chance to fly out to sunny L.A.

You can find their contest on FreddieW's Facebook Page as mentioned in the video. If you're a diehard Freddie Wong fan you might also want to check out a couple more of his sites, namely as well as Freddie's Blog where he gives a great (and lengthy!) post about how to succeed on Youtube. A good read and lots of helpful stuff for would-be youtubers. I also have a link to Freddie's blog on this page under "Blogs I Like" in the lower right corner (lots of great blogs to check out).

So, here it is, mid-August 2011 and Freddie and Brandon pass another milestone with 2 million subs. Hard to believe it was just last March when they got their millionth subscriber (see 1 Million Subs in 1 Year). At the rate they are getting new subscribers when do you think they will pass the three million mark? By the end of 2011? I wouldn't be surprised.

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